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Dracula vampira

Dracula vampira

Anyone who reads this name immediately thinks of mystical vampire stories about Count Dracula from Transylvania. However, this is far from the case, as this is a plant from the orchid family. Because of the bizarre flowers, the plants belonging to the genus Masdevallia... read more


Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia, also known as vanilla orchid, is a fascinating creeper-like epiphyte native to Central America and the West Indies. This unique plant, characterized by its widely spaced leaves and waxy, yellow-green flowers... read more


Vanda coerulea

Vanda Orchideen

The orchid genus Vanda (Indian for orchid) includes around forty, mostly epiphytic species and is native to tropical monsoon forests in Southeast Asia (India to the Philippines), which means that in cultivation they thrive in warm and humid conditions... read more


Sophronitis wittigiana


The genus “Sophronitis” was founded by J. Lindley in 1827. This assignment and also the species names are currently being questioned or are already assigned to the genus “Cattleya”. For orchid lovers, the “renaming”... read more


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Rlc. Hua Young Gold

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