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Saturday, 30. March 2024 06:23:49
Brooke K.

Beautiful, healthy plant. I've had it a couple of years now, and it's growing well and has bloomed a couple of times. Really easy in the home environment and worth it to have around.

Monday, 04. March 2024 15:31:44
Valentina D.

La pianta è arrivata in perfette condizioni e con diversi steli floreali in maturazione. E' il secondo ordine che effettuo presso di loro e le piante sono bellissime! Consigliatissimo

Saturday, 24. February 2024 07:11:50
Gerd A.

Niemals eine blühfähige Pflanze ,ein kleiner Trieb kaum 4cm groß. Habe ich schon bessere Pflanzen bekommen. Etwas enttäuscht.

Friday, 02. February 2024 19:55:12
Michael J.

Biggest Vanda i have ever seen! Multiple branches with multiple spikes. Strongly recommend. Really low price vs such a big plant.

Wednesday, 24. January 2024 15:41:28

The plant arrived in such a good condition! definitely i will order again from this shop!i was afraid at first because of the cold weather and the delay from dhl,it arrived after 7-8 days,but I'm so pleased with the quality!highly recommended!very good packaging!

Saturday, 13. January 2024 03:40:36
Sokratis L.

Excellent plant, excellent packaging, excellent service. First time I received plants in such a good condition. Thank you!

Monday, 16. October 2023 16:13:10
Ashley A.

Healthy, established plant; well packed & despatched quickly.

Monday, 16. October 2023 16:06:17
Ashley A.

Strong, healthy plant with emerging bud. Well packed & despatched very promptly.

Monday, 16. October 2023 16:01:48
Ashley A.

Beautiful, well-established plant with several growing points. Well packed & despatched quickly.

Monday, 16. October 2023 15:56:53
Ashley A.

Healthy plant, very well packed & fast delivery.

Wednesday, 04. October 2023 01:08:53
Oksana B.

I am very grateful for your package of orchids. Wonderful plants with buds, excellent quality. Packaged with utmost care and attention for long distance shipping. Very fast delivery.

Thursday, 06. July 2023 09:53:04
Karin F.

Thank you for the 2 wonderfully sized healthy orchids! Been searching everywhere for them!! ????

Thursday, 29. June 2023 18:27:31
Ivo D.
Czech Republic

Ich habe am Sonntag sieben Dracula-Orchideen gekauft. Sehr schneller Versand, sorgfältig verpackt. Die Pflanzen sind sehr schön. Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

Friday, 26. May 2023 15:26:31
Flavio C.

I would like to thank the seller for….packaging, fast shipping and of course the beautiful and healthy plants.

Sunday, 07. May 2023 17:57:28
Karin F.

A gorgeous absolutely huge well conditioned plant along with this perfekt perforerad pot with a bit deeper intergrated sourcer. Best buy kn a long time! So pleased!!!

Saturday, 29. April 2023 10:29:48
Andrea R.

Mini miniature, quite expensive but it's healthy and has a good size

Displaying 1 to 16 (of 479 reviews)
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