Phymatidium tillandsoides

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Phymatidium tillandsoides

[15615] Current Reviews: (1)

Flowering size orchid

Growth conditions:

Mounted on cork slabs Mounted on cork slabs
Plant size ca. Plant size ca. 4cm
Flower size ca. Flower size ca. 4mm
Semishade Semishade
Moderately damp Moderately damp
Temperate Temperate
Flowering month June-October
Rest period No rest period

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Date Added: 03/22/2004

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Friday, 26. April 2019 12:56:39
Krzysztof C.

Absolutely fantastic size plant, identical to the one from the photo. When I detached it from the cork, there were four large plants, all after flowering, some even with flower buds. Healthy and for a very good price. Professionally packed, very fast postage. I sincerely recommend for a warm terrarium.

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