Schoenorchis tixieri

[31250] Current Reviews: (3)

Schoenorchis tixieri

[31250] Current Reviews: (3)

Flowering size orchid

Growth conditions:

Mounted on cork slabs Mounted on cork slabs
Plant size ca. Plant size ca. 2 - 3cm
Flower size ca. Flower size ca. 3mm
Semishade to sunny Semishade to sunny
Moderately damp Moderately damp
Temperate Temperate
Flowering month May - October
Rest period No rest period


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Date Added: 08/27/2013

Customer Reviews
4 Current Reviews: 3
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Saturday, 04. May 2019 23:27:31
Michelangelo A.

One great miniature plant in flower.

Friday, 26. April 2019 12:49:51
Krzysztof C.

An adult and healthy plant, visibly flowered in the past. Very good price. Professionally packed, very fast postage. I sincerely recommend for a cold terrarium.

Sunday, 17. May 2015 17:03:05
Marc D.

Small single growth plant.

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