Orchid substrate 4 liters

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Orchid substrate 4 liters

[20510] Current Reviews: (1)

Our orchid substrate, with a capacity of 4 liters, consists of over 90% pine bark of different grain sizes. It contains only small amounts of wood and bast and also contains a small amount of sphagnum moss. This makes it ideal as an all-round substrate for almost all epiphytic orchids. For lady's slipper orchids, we recommend adding a little carbonated lime.

Repotting instructions:

Remove the plant from its pot and remove the old substrate between the roots. Cut off dried and rotten roots. Carefully hold the plant by the leaves and insert the roots into the new pot. Now fill the pot loosely with the fresh plant substrate, do not press it. Only use clean or disinfected pots. Transparent (see-through) pots for orchids are preferred. You should repot your orchids approximately every 2 years or after they have bloomed, as after this time the substrate has rotted to such an extent that optimal air exchange is no longer guaranteed and the roots can suffocate. Do not water immediately after repotting.


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Wednesday, 15. January 2014 23:26:55
Patrick V.

Good orchidmix, lot's of chuncky bark mixed with sphagnum mos. Great stuff for potting up your orchids!

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