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[20500] Current Reviews: (4)

All plants in flowering size:

Schoenorchis scolopendria
Barbosella miniata
Pleurothallis costaricensis
Pteroceras semiterritifolius
Dendrobium loddigesii
Phymatidium tillandsioides
Bulbophyllum membranaceum
Sygmatostalix radicans
Trichoglottis tripunctata
Peurothallis malmeana
Masdevallia minutae

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Date Added: 03/05/2004

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Monday, 17. December 2007 10:37:16

Excellent service. Well packed, healthy plants. Thanks. Patricia Kelly

Tuesday, 09. October 2007 17:54:54
Yeray G.

Everything was EXCELLENT. Thanks a million.

Sunday, 23. September 2007 00:50:58
Colin P.
United Kingdom

Well packed, rapid delivery, good quality & healthy plants. I will order more plants in the near future, if i can get round my wife........

Thursday, 18. January 2007 10:50:34
David B.
United Kingdom

This is a really lovely collection of orchids, and it won't take up precious space in the growing room! I Loving them!