Dendrobium chrystianum

Flowering size orchid

Growth conditions:

Mounted on cork slabs Mounted on cork slabs
Plant size ca. Plant size ca. 6-8cm
Flower size ca. Flower size ca. 3cm
Semishade to sunny Semishade to sunny
Damp Damp
Warm Warm
Flowering month January-October
Rest period No rest period

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Date Added: 03/07/2004

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Tuesday 05 May, 2015
Johanna R.

Healthy, big plant and new growth on its way! Fast delivery and packed well. Thank you!

Thursday 06 February, 2014
Maureen K.
United Kingdom

It flowered again this year which is amazing for me as I'm only growing on the window shelf in my spare bedroom. No special equipment either!

Saturday 12 May, 2012
Maureen K.
United Kingdom

A very good plant in bud, looking forward to many flowers as there appears to be more developing. All the plants I received were healthy and very well packed, didn't look as though they had been a few days travelling. I very much hope to buy again soon

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