Cattleya aurantiaca (Guarianthe)

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Cattleya aurantiaca (Guarianthe)

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Flowering size orchid

Mishima Spot is a shape with spotted flowers

Growth conditions:

Pot-grown plant Pot-grown plant
Plant size ca. Plant size ca. 15-20 cm
Flower size ca. Flower size ca. 3-4cm
Semishade to sunny Semishade to sunny
Moderately damp Moderately damp
Temperate Temperate
Flowering month March - May
Rest period December - February
ManureFertilize 2-3 times a month during the growing season

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Date Added: 06/23/2013

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Friday, 16. May 2014 23:35:38
Patrick V.

Great plant, already growing in different directions with multiple shoots, quality as always, thnks!

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