Laeliocattleya Roebling 'Blue Indigo'

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Laeliocattleya Roebling 'Blue Indigo'

[32450] Current Reviews: (1)

Flowering size orchid

Growth conditions:

Pot-grown plant Pot-grown plant
Plant size ca. Plant size ca. 30cm
Flower size ca. Flower size ca. 15-19cm
Semishade to sunny Semishade to sunny
Moderately damp Moderately damp
Temperate Temperate
Flowering month January-June
Rest period No rest period

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Date Added: 03/31/2015

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Wednesday, 08. August 2018 18:01:45
Nina B.

Absolutely stunning quality! I was blown away by this... I have received so many orchids from other nurseries but none come even close to the quality of plants in Grossräschner Orchideen!

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