Flowering size orchid

The plants are overwintered cool with a moist root ball, do not over-spray during this time. The flowers appear in spring. The plants are kept very moist as they begin to grow. The substrate should be low in salt and lime. Rhododendron soil is well suited

Growth conditions:

Pot-grown plant Pot-grown plant
Plant size ca. Plant size ca. 10-15 cm
Flower size ca. Flower size ca. 4-5cm / Infloreszenz 50-70 cm
Semishade to sunny Semishade to sunny
Damp Damp
Cool to temperate Cool to temperate
Flowering month May - June
Rest period November - March
ManureFertilize lightly 1-2 times during the growing season


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Date Added: 05/26/2021

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